ALOHA ~ turning cacao beans and/or nibs into liquid for chocolate making ... techniques/equipment etc ~ MAHALO

deedee devi
02/19/10 01:44:55AM
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a l o h a dearONES ~

I AM excited to learn how home chocolate makers are turning their nibs into cacao liquid that is ready to go into the melanger ... is there a better/easier process than the greenstar?

some sites recommend the champion juicer ... is this proven more effective than the greenstar or are they about the same in performance?

I AM excited to find a machine that grinds the nib into liquid for my melanger ...

is there such a machine or better tool for the task? I AM open to simplifying and making my chocolate making process easy and effortless ...

also, is there already a forum on this site where people are discussing model performance and possibly selling their excellent working equipment (tempering machines for example) to fellow site members?

is there also a section on this site where we can share/exchange (raw or other) chocolate recipes to better perfect them ... I AM open to sharing and would LOVE to meetand exchange ideas/experience with those who share this interest so as to better perfect the recipe for all to indulge ") YES ~ yummy chocolate is exciting indeed and to BE shared by all!

mahalo ~ namaste

in LOVE and LIGHT I AM ...

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Clay Gordon
02/19/10 06:50:22AM
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DeeDeeThere are several groups on this site to look to for help.The first is Startup Central which is for people looking to start chocolate businesses.The second is Home Brew which is for people looking to make chocolate from beans.The third is Classifieds where members can offer equipment to sell to other members.:: Clay

clay -
Carlos Eichenberger
02/19/10 11:14:32AM
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What kind of melanger do you have? With the Santha and Inno models, I've always just put the nibs directly in. Of course not all at the same time, but warmed nibs, added slowly, will grind into liquor just fine in either of the two previously mentioned grinders. No need for the Champion. In fact, mine is now used only for making nut butters and for juicing.If you need higher output, a Nixtamal (used for making corn masa, among other things) grinder could do the trick nicely for a coarse grind. You still need to warm the nibs before grinding.
deedee devi
02/19/10 01:09:28PM
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excellent! i finally found the classifieds and the HOME BREW will BE a blessing! mahalo ~ namaste
deedee devi
02/19/10 01:12:08PM
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I AM using a santha wet grinder/melanger ... i bought it thinking i could add the nibs diretly BUT it warned against this in the manual so ...when you warm the nibs, do you do this in the oven or? i've already had to use hair dryer on the drum of the melanger to get it going even after running the nibs through the greenstar ")thank you for the nixtamal idea ... i will look into this.mahalo ~ namaste
Brad Churchill
02/19/10 01:50:43PM
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Deedee;The best way to use your Santha, is as follows:1. Preheat the Santha bin and granite wheels with a blow dryer, or hot air.2. While your bin is heating, melt the cocoa butter, then add all ingredients into it, and gently heat the entire mass until it's about 120 degrees.3. Remove the tension cap from the Santha, turn it on, and SLOWLY add the warm ingredients. This process will take about 10 minutes to complete.It's important to note that while the Santha CLAIMS to make chocolate, it's primary original design was in fact NOT to crush cocoa beans. the motor is underpowered, and the belt will stretch and wear out very soon after a couple of batches.You will need to tinker with the machine eventually, so be prepared for it.I say this with utmost sincerity and 4 years of experience with that type of machine. (I completely re-engineered mine, and even though I have proper industrial chocolate equipment today I still use my modified one to evaluate samples of beans I receive)


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