Can anyone tell me the technique that Chapon use to print image on chocolate?

05/14/12 04:08:26PM
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Hi All,

I bought this chocolate watch from Chapon in Paris. It's 7.5 euros and only 9g. It had a photo of Audrey Hepburn printed on it. Can anyone tell which technique they used to print image on chocolate? Transfer sheet or food printer?

I bought an edible printer from ebay and a pack of chocolate transfer sheets,but it doesn't work...I already wasted 4 sheets :( I also tried frosting sheets.. result is not good..

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david roberts
05/23/12 03:06:48PM
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Hi mint not sure what they have used for the watch, dont know what printer you purchased from ebay or what transfer sheets you use, i have had perfect results with chocolate artist form deco, that is the software they use for printing on transfer sheets, i use the cocoa butter sheets from chocolate world i find them better than the ones deco sell.

You will need a canon printer you can purchase all from deco but you might find if you buy the items seperately it may be cheaper.


Laura Marion
06/07/12 08:18:28AM
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hello i am new to the printing of cocoa butter but i aminterestedto learn more about the type of printer

Dave, you soundlikeyou knowa lotabout it

do you need to have a special printer ?

do you have to temper the cocoa butter or will the printer do it?

how does it keep the cocoa butter at the tempered?



Debra Fleck
06/11/12 03:01:43PM
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if you go to the CHOCOLATE ARTIST SOFTWARE/PRINTER talks you should get all your questions answered. Should be on page 2 or 3 of the discussions.

david roberts
06/12/12 04:58:31PM
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Hi Laura if you cant find what you are after on forum, it can be a bit daunting to start and money dont grow on trees ( shame ) you can email me on and i will walk you through it step by step.

Virgilio Rubini
06/12/12 10:28:47PM
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Hi mint,

I believe that they are using blister transfer technology.

Very common in Europe for printed shapes.

Alas, I don't think that we can make it in-house with inkjet printers and transfer sheets.



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