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Carle and Montanari Horizontal mixer



Clay Gordon
11/11/13 10:23:42AM @clay:

David -

Went to The Meadow on Saturday on other business and picked up the Stratus bar to share with the export director of Guido Gobino who was with me. There is a lot to like about that bar. Complex flavors with lots of raisin and dried fig, some of the character of wine in the bar, but at the end the clean clear note of the oak and oak tannins. Nice.

Volker Lehmann
09/24/10 01:12:46PM @volker-lehmann:
Hi David:Thanks for considering our wild beni bean selection. I recommend to roast as slow as possible and not higher than 110 degrees celcious. Send me a bar one day. Cheers, Volker