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truffles in box
truffles for party
Hand-dipped chocolates
Grand Marnier truffles with candied citrus peels
Circle box 1
A festive box
candied citrus peels



Dominic Beschle
09/02/09 02:45:54PM @dominic-beschle:
Hello SandraThanks alot. Yes the pictures they took are really great and it will be a great world to set up.
03/23/09 12:07:41AM @emily:
Hi Marcus,For me, I think it's the "artistry" of chocolate that fascinates me the most. By artistry I mean several things....the beauty of packaging, the creativity one puts forth to create the right "look" for a piece, etc.
03/22/09 09:38:12PM @marcus:
Hi emily,Well i only worked with the chocolatier for a little while but it was a good experience. I just wished I could of worked with him for a longer time. I really enjoy working with chocolate and want to do more of it.So what do you like about chocolate? And how does it facinate you?Cheers Marcus:)
01/20/09 10:51:20PM @hughd:
Dear Emily,Hi!You say you're starting a PhD? It's not too late for me to tell you not to do it? :)Being near the end is an interesting experience....but I'll let you discover the highs and lows yourself. One important resource for PhD students is this website: PhDcomics.comRegarding chocolate and cocoa beans - I'd be very happy to tell you what I know about cocoa. Ask me any question, I'll try to answer, or refer you to somewhere. Your topic also sounds interesting. I'd love to know more about Native American culture.Stay in Touch, Emily.Regards, Hugh
Clay Gordon
12/03/08 06:24:06PM @clay:
Emily:Welcome to TheChocolateLife. I am glad that your search for Discover Chocolate led you here.:: Clay