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KI Chocol' Art & Coffee
07/15/13 23:06:40 @ki-chocol-art-coffee:

Hi from Kangaroo Island. We do our own truffles & choc's utilising KI local ingredients. Are you going to the demo of Kristen from Savour Melbourne, she is doing a 3 hr demo through tafe I think. Would love to meet fellow chocolate maker friends from chocolate life.

01/12/11 15:52:12 @tom:
You should get down to shop 221d on Unley Rd then, a friend of mine a chocolatier Steven ter Horst has just opened a very trendy shop there. He is extremely good!!
01/11/11 04:24:16 @tom:
Hi Marcus, good to see another Adeladian that knows about chocolate. Do you make truffles professionally or as a hobby?
Laura Marion
12/03/10 03:29:29 @laura-marion:
oh yes i thought it might have been him i used to work for him :)
Laura Marion
12/02/10 03:16:50 @laura-marion:
hi nice to meet you by any chance do you remember the neam of the master chocolatier
08/22/09 21:47:55 @deliciosa:
Roxanne Browning
07/23/09 10:23:36 @roxanne-browning:
Good to have a mate from AU, I have family in Sidney, spent the holiday's there, great town, and awesome Rocklea Road! We don't have that here. will just have to make it.
Andrea Henderson
03/23/09 03:41:45 @andrea-henderson:
One of the perks of being a French teacher is that I have to visit francophone countries (tough job, but someone's got to do it!). I was a co-presenter at a conference in Lige for French teachers in the US (our location changes each year for the conference) this summer. After Belgium I got to spend two weeks in France visiting friends. The chocolate helped to make up for my missed connection to Belgium from Atlanta (weather issues) and my suitcase being missing for four days in Belgium! A friend from Belgium is sending me a package of chocolate this week! Ah, the good life! :-) Have a great day at work. This is my fist day back after a week of Spring Break :-(
Andrea Henderson
03/22/09 20:28:46 @andrea-henderson:
I fell in love with Galler chocolates when I was in Belguim this summer. I also love those little chocolates you get at the cafs when you order a coffee as well. Yes, we do have to be careful with the heat here in Texas! We do however have a Chocolate Bar. Take a look at the video Take care!
Andrea Henderson
03/22/09 19:32:17 @andrea-henderson:
Hello from Texas!
01/20/09 19:41:52 @emily:
Hi Marcus!What was it like studying with a master chocolatier in Germany?