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01/02/10 08:50:41AM @kristina:
As still affected by Quizas I cannot help dropping a line... ;)
Kirsi Hyytiäinen
09/07/09 10:34:56AM @kirsi-hyytiinen:
Thanks a lot! Will report, how I'll advance. And will try some Beschle for our exercises.
Kirsi Hyytiäinen
09/06/09 10:40:56AM @kirsi-hyytiinen:
Hi Dominic, great to see you here and to live next door to Manor in Geneva. So I can buy Beschle practically from my front door.
09/02/09 01:51:15PM @emily:
I agree w/ Sandra. Great profile picture!
Sandra Andrews-Strasko
09/02/09 11:18:38AM @sandra-andrews-strasko:
Hi Dominic, I just love this picture. I brought one of the posters with me here to Berlin. The one with the model, that is... Hopefully Quizas is getting as much acclaim as it deserves. Id love to see more of it in Germany.
Clay Gordon
09/01/09 08:28:33PM @clay:
Dominic:Welcome to TheChocolateLife. Maracaibo truffels ... hmm .. Felchlin?:: Clay