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Lake Atitlan Guatemala



mariano garcia
06/17/14 11:42:58AM @mariano-garcia:

Hola fernanda, Soy mariano desde Honduras, pero soy Argentino, te contactaba por que queria saber donde puedo tomar algun curso de chocolate o meterme en el mundo del cacao en guatemala. graciasss

Hisham El-Abiad
01/22/13 12:15:43PM @hisham-el-abiad:

are you still around?

Duffy Sheardown
01/21/09 10:16:30AM @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Fernanda,My daughter spent 3 months there learning Spanish so we joined her and went to Antigua (Fernandos Kaffee!), Lago Atitlan and Rio Dolce. The kids carried on and went to Flores to see some Mayan sites. We shall come back for sure.Any contacts would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance. Everyone I asked in shops and hotels said that the local chocolate was poor quality but I don't believe this can be true.Regards,Duffy
Duffy Sheardown
01/19/09 08:36:01AM @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Fernanda,Guatemala is a beautiful place and the people very friendly (well, the ones we met!). Could you give me any contact details for farmers who can sell me local cocoa beans? I looked and asked when I was there but had no luck.Thanks,Duffy
05/18/08 07:02:21PM @fernanda:
Hello ClayThank you for your welcome! I am new in all this chocolate stuff. Ive just started doing research about Guatemalan cacao but Im willing to help you out. So, do not hesitate to ask anything you want.Guatemala is an amazing country with a great weather and our main export product is coffee, but cacao sales have increased a lot, so I think this is a great opportunity to learn about it. Now it starts as a hobby, but I hope soon will become a way of living.Very nice to meet you and Im sorry for my grammar mistakes. English is not my native language. :)Bye
Clay Gordon
05/18/08 05:50:34PM @clay:
Fernanda:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I am very interested in learning more about cacao and chocolate in Guatemala and look forward to learning more from you. The closest I have been is Tapachula in Chiapas, Mexico where I also had the opportunity to visit Soconusco.:: Clay