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Hisham El-Abiad
04/06/09 11:58:49AM @hisham-el-abiad:
Me too
Renata Fantini
04/06/09 09:41:47AM @renata-fantini:
Hi! Nice to meet you.
Hisham El-Abiad
04/05/09 03:20:47AM @hisham-el-abiad:
Salaam to you as well, are you in the chocolate business for som time?
04/04/09 01:44:35PM @ilana:
Salaam! I am touched to be your friend.
Hisham El-Abiad
04/07/08 10:48:11AM @hisham-el-abiad:
Do u manufacture or simply sell chocolates?This business was started by my grandfarther in Lebanon since a very long time,and we inherited the know-how of this noble business.We left our country for two years and are stuck in KSA for almost 22 yrs.If you are interested to know more visit our web sit www.ramezchocolate.com.We had dreams of moving to the States or Canada but are not sure how realistic is this dream.
04/06/08 05:01:46PM @chocoflyer:
No Im not- Im in the airline biz beacuse I love to travel- to be in the choc biz would be fun but really be hard I think not to eat way too much and get sick of it, I prefer to keep it as my hobby so its always fun / new & new - Your chocs are beautiful! you make them?
Hisham El-Abiad
03/30/08 05:00:49AM @hisham-el-abiad:
Maracaibo is cocoa powder used in the manufacturing of Dark Chocolate and it happened that this place is in Venezuela.The soil,the temperature,and altitude, among other things affect greatly the flavour of the cocoa beans in addition to the ways of processing in the different stages until it becomes a piece of chocolate that we eat.We came to Saudi Arabia for two years because of the political unrest and now completed the 23 years,but still dreaming of going back as soon as the peaple there become sane enough to see the beauty of their country.
Joel Eliaz
03/29/08 08:35:38PM @joel-eliaz:
The reason for my question is that you mentioned Maracaibo as one of your favorites chocolates, and Maracaibo happens to be a city in my country (Venezuela), at the Zulia State, and usually we call the cacao from there Sur del Lago (South of Lake) becuase it grows at the sothern part of the Maracaibo Lake.My family is from Lebanon as well as you are, but they arrived in Venezuela over a century ago, and the descendents have lost most of lebanese culture (we know nothing), except for the food and family values.
Joel Eliaz
03/19/08 06:06:13PM @joel-eliaz:
Hello, where are you based?
Hisham El-Abiad
03/15/08 01:51:38AM @hisham-el-abiad:
Have you checked our website?
Clay Gordon
03/13/08 03:12:11PM @clay:
Hisham:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. That's a lovely box. I have to agree that the Felchlin Maracaibo chocolates (65% Clasificado dark, 49% Creole milk, and 38% Criolait milk) are really quite good. Are you making all your chocolates with Felchlin Grand Cru couvertures?
Hisham El-Abiad
03/13/08 02:28:47AM @hisham-el-abiad:
This is part of what we do