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MaraƱon Chocolate - Cacao Thought to Be Extinct Found in Peru

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Dear Clay, I have with greatest interest read this article, written by you. Yes, it is correct, there have been found a very special type of cocoabean in the Northern part of Peru. So I mailed my dear friend Rosa Viacava from Lima to me some weeks ago. She wrote something like "white bean", a very precious one, but I really did not understand quite well what she meant. She told me that the government in Peru has ordered the small farmers to stop with the coca-farming and harvest etc. these valuable cocoabeans. I have sent the mail to Felchlin, but I did not receive any answer from them. This Thursday I am at Mariott Copenhagen Hotel to talk about Felchlin chocolate, as they are very interested to use them. I hope for success. One of the dessert cooks know Felchlin from London and he is very enthusiastic about them. I am so interested in all the articles of your journeys to cocoaplaces. Really interesting. Best regards, Susie Funder, Denmark