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apology & question

Hello, I want to start by apologizing...
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Heather Garza
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Posted a response to "private label bars"
"We can help if you are still looking. Info @ garzasgoodies .com is our email. Message me a time, contact name, and location/phone number to call..."

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Michael Woloszyn
05/21/11 08:10:23AM @michael-woloszyn:

Hi Heather,

We just wrote our business plan two months ago. We have bank financing from a local credit union. I think my wife and I can help you. We are in Upstate New York. I would be more than happy to share how I came up with my projections. Would you be willing to call us?


Michael and Emily Woloszyn

Brian Pelletier
04/24/11 08:32:43AM @brian-pelletier:

Welcome, Heather! Yes, do look me up next time you're in St. Louis.

Not much to say about Missouri regulations -- most things are dealt with at the city or county level.

Good luck!