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Bethany Thouin
01/08/09 01:40:44PM @bethany-thouin:
Hey Joel! I only relocated to the larger city that is 10 miles north of the town I started The Cocoa Tree in.check out website: :)
The Republic Of Chocolate
10/07/08 11:04:11PM @the-republic-of-chocolate:
hola joel, personalmente depende del costo del curso, para un curso en linea preferiria compararme buenos libros de chocolate que te den buenas ideas, tu sabes como es para hacer un curso lo mejor es estar alli y trabajar con el chocolate... de lo contrario buenos libros pueden darte el mismo conocimiento.
Clay Gordon
10/03/08 12:43:33PM @clay:
Joel:It was probably Amedei. They've had a contract to purchase 100% of the Chuao production for a number of years but have had difficulty in controlling the use of the name.The practice of purchasing 100% of a co-op's production is unusual but not unique. I believe that Felchlin does it with the co-op that provides the beans for Cru Sauvage and I know that Green and Black's has a contract to purchase all of the production from the Toledo Cacao Grower's Association. There are no doubt others but the total number is fairly small.
The Republic Of Chocolate
10/02/08 08:49:32PM @the-republic-of-chocolate:
epale joel como esta la cosa? claro yo soy pana de karina pugh la conozco desde hace como 10 anos ella ahora esta trabajando en la caserole du chef, ella me ha hablado muy bien del GAPP. he visto fotos de lo que hacen alla y de verdad que muy buen trabajo!!! igual te dijo Joel cualquier cosas que se te ofrezca a la orden estamos!!! saludos!
Joel Eliaz
09/27/08 11:24:04PM @joel-eliaz:
Hola! Si, estoy en Venezuela, hago trabajos de bomboneria y panadera no soy pastelero. Trabajo en GAPP una academia donde se dictan de panadera y pasteleria.En caso de necsitar algo de estos lares pana, por aqui estamos a la orden.Saludos!!!!!!
The Republic Of Chocolate
09/26/08 06:48:52PM @the-republic-of-chocolate:
epale Joel gracias por el mensaje, cuantame estas en venezuela? pastelero? en donde trabajas? de verdad me alegra mucho que paisanos nos unamos de esta manera. Saludos!!!!!
04/05/08 06:03:55PM @chocoflyer:
Love the story with your daughter, i can only imagine the delight on her face, how adorable- i am trying to make my nieces and nephews keenly aware of the Good choc rather than waxy fake candy stuff. I think if we start them young they will only appreciate the strong cacao flavor more.....and reject the imposters.
Gabriela Borges
03/31/08 01:32:51PM @gabriela-borges:
Brasileira, de onde voc ? entende portugues?
Hisham El-Abiad
03/22/08 10:04:33AM @hisham-el-abiad:
Iam based in Dhahran KSA but if things go right I will be back in Lebanon.
Joel Eliaz
03/19/08 06:01:15PM @joel-eliaz:
Thank you Clay!She was over one year old, not much, only a few months over, and it was very funny, she opened her little eyes like not believing what she was trying, it was like: " and why did you keep me all this time eating soups, compotes and milk, while there was this amazing thing, why, why, why????" She even learned its name inmediately, and never fortgotten since.
Clay Gordon
03/19/08 11:19:35AM @clay:
Welcome to The Chocolate Life. How old was your daughter when she started eating chocolate? In our house, vanilla ice cream is usually the first solid food (followed soon thereafter by chocolate).