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I am co-owner of Grocer's Daughter Chocolate along with my husband DC and we have two young
boys, Charlie and Arlo, who serve as chiefs of quality control. I’ve spent all of my adult life working in
fair trade coffee and chocolate. I co-founded one of the country's first fair trade coffee roasters in
2002 (Higher Grounds Trading Co), served as an active member of Cooperative Coffees (a missiondriven
green coffee importing co-op) and I’ve had the privilege of leading dozens of trips throughout
Latin America and Africa to visit coffee and cocoa growers. At Grocer's Daughter Chocolate, we are
committed to sourcing high quality chocolate and ingredients from farmers who care about furthering
our industry's knowledge and promoting sustainable practices. I am inspired by the work of small scale
farmers and entrepreneurs and I’m passionate about facilitating exchanges between consumers and
farmers in an effort to promote economic justice, cultural understanding.

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Hi there,I'm wondering if anyone has...
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Jack Meyer
02/05/15 12:22:53 @jack-meyer:

HI Jody,

You reccomended I check out Recipal and it worked great. So, I wanted to say Thanks So Much for referring me to them. I do appreciate your sharing!