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Nichole Warner
02/26/16 12:47:07 @nichole-warner:

Hi Julie - do you still have the roaster? Also interested in the panning machine and any of the display cases. Can you send photos and info to nichole@justgoodchocolate.com please?

pamela matson
01/22/16 23:18:25 @great-lakes-candy-kitchen:

price on savage temperer?

Julie M. McLean
01/22/16 06:53:52 @julie-m-mclean:

Please contact me directly for photos and further inquiries. Thanks


Julie M. McLean
01/22/16 06:52:41 @julie-m-mclean:

50 LB Auto Tempering Unit

LCD touch screen - PLC touhc screen


120 VAC

Full-Auto RTempering Control

1351 variable deposit mini-pump

Requires compressed air source for pump

(water hoses incuded in price)

Julie M. McLean
01/22/16 06:46:44 @julie-m-mclean:
40 Spectra:
  • 220 Volts , Single Phase, 1 HP motor.  5 amps.
  • Electronic speed controller
  • Chain drive
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Net Weight – Approx 300 lbs, Dimensions – 35×22 x 35
  • Gross weight about 350 lbs.

Julie M. McLean
01/22/16 06:39:44 @julie-m-mclean:

Can you please provide me with an email address I can send directly to that address?

Preston Stewart
01/21/16 22:26:23 @preston-stewart:

I'm interested in the Santha 40 and the Savage Bros Tempering unit (does it have the touch-screen PLC and depositor?)  Can you send more info on those two?