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Clay Gordon
05/18/08 05:09:12PM @clay:
We are going to be covering all of the steps necessary to make chocolate in the Home Brew Chocolate Group . I recommend you join if you haven't already.I will start posting after my trip to Belize is over at the end of the month.:: Clay
Maria Valente
05/15/08 03:41:27PM @maria-valente:
I am not the one to ask, I get my chocolate ready to be tempered. Clay Gordon, the site moderator is the expert in that area. I can help you with presenting the finished product.
Maria Valente
05/15/08 03:13:49PM @maria-valente:
Are you looking to make chocolates or just carry chocolates in your shop?
04/04/08 11:49:08PM @chocoflyer:
By Kat do you mean Kit Kat? I know those are sold almost worldwide- have you tried them in dark or orange or mint? LOVE kit kats dark....
mhdi driss
03/26/08 05:39:37PM @mhdi-driss:
thank you very much mr gordon.
Clay Gordon
03/24/08 11:16:14AM @clay:
Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I look forward to your contributions here.