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Robert Quilter
@robert-quilter • 7 years ago • comments: 372
Posted a new Comment on @clay:
"Hi Clay Can you send me some details on how to add a classifield please."
Robert Quilter
@robert-quilter • 7 years ago
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brian horsley
12/20/12 05:10:41PM @brian-horsley:

hi robert i just saw your friend request, sorry it took so long. please feel free to ask any questions you might have


Duffy Sheardown
08/27/12 04:35:32PM @duffy-sheardown:

Hi Rob,

I would think that would work. It was a while ago that I got mine but there's nothing trick or complicated about them. Don't sue me if it blows up though! I used to work in France (which is 220v) and all UK appliances worked over there without any issues - except the TV is PAL not SECAN or some such nonsense.

Duffy Sheardown
07/20/12 08:43:12AM @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Rob, 12 is fine and the address is:Unit 2EBradburn Business ParkWilton Rd Industrial EstateHumberstonCleethorpesDN36 4AWRegardsDuffy
Duffy Sheardown
07/20/12 07:17:27AM @duffy-sheardown:
Hi Rob, we are in Cleethorpes on the east coast and I will be there on Monday but not Tuesday.Duffy
Duffy Sheardown
07/19/12 02:22:50AM @duffy-sheardown:

Hi RObert, please feel free to ask any questions you like or call over and have a look. Duffy