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Lars Klassen
02/04/09 12:04:40 @lars-klassen:
Casey,I left a belated comment on your posting regarding Cacao Arriba, etc., just a day or so ago, after I accidentally came across your blog. Saludos from Ecuador, Lars Klassen
John DePaula
02/03/09 15:00:07 @john-depaula:
Thank you so much for posting the videos of M. Roger! I will have to go through them tonight when I have more time.
11/21/08 21:06:21 @brady:
Casey- I'm really enjoying the photos you've added recently. I'm assuming you took these? Either way, great pictures!
04/11/08 17:52:44 @amber:
Hi Casey, thanks for the flickr comments :) I added the pics.Thanks for stopping by my Choco page. I will definitely check out your blog soon..Cheers!
Irma Wiese
04/07/08 13:06:44 @irma-wiese:
Hi Casey,I posted some pictures of the Chocolate Buffet at the Peninsula Chicago. I had a good time indulging on almost all the desserts (no room to taste them all). There were over 20 different kinds. Most of them were very good. There were a few I did not care for (was not impressed with the truffles, chocolate dipped orange peels were very hard and chewy). All in all a great experience. Chef Jimmy MacMillan did a nice job. Hope you enjoy your time in Chicago and let meknow what you think of the buffet.Irma
Clay Gordon
01/31/08 07:10:05 @clay:
Casey:Thanks for posting the videos. I found them quite interesting. I'd seen the one with Michael Recchiuti before and was thinking of posting it but you beat me to it!
Clay Gordon
01/29/08 06:58:56 @clay:
Casey:Thanks for joining The Chocolate Life. I took a brief look at The Chocolate Note and it looks very interesting. I hope that you will feel comfortable making the same or similar contribution here. Please feel free to cross post. This site is in its infancy, so please don't post the URL on your site yet. I see that you have a link to my Top Chef blog, but not I look forward to learning more about chocolate in the Twin Cities and Midwest from you.