Cost of goods produced

Hi Everyone, Been a long time member but I have not been in in a few years, the fact is that I had to close down my small chocolate business.. but...
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Which preservatives should add in compound chocolate?

Hello everyone, I make compound chocolates.If i want to commercialize my product then which preservatives should i add to increase the taste and...
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Nicole Gibson

Production Consultant/Mentor Required

Hi All, I am in the process of setting up a business making chocolate confectionery bars and I am seeking a consultant/mentor who can advise me in...
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Marc Laucks

I can be your eyes and ears at Pack Expo East

Hi All! I'll be attending http://www.packexpoeast.com/ in Philadelphia next Tuesday and Wednesday (2/28-3/1) on behalf of two produce clients and...
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Stone grinder vs. Ball Mill

Hi! we're already producing chocolate with a 3rd party that owns a ball mill and we're interested in buying our own machines but the startup costs...
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Have Cocoa Trees

Hello Everyone, We have Cocoa trees in Tanzania. We are looking to raise funds to help build and support a desperately needed children's home for...
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looking for resource to print branded cellophane wrappers or wax paper wrappers

hi all.  would love any direction about sources to print cellophane caramel wrappers or taffy/chew wax paper wrappers like tootsie roll wrappers...
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Noteworthy Chocolates

We are innovating Chocolate Presentation. What do you think?

We are engraving unique messages in premium chocolate!  We can do anything from Mother's Day Cards, Love Letters and Wedding Invitations to City...
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