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Retail Display Cases by Alternative Air

I am happy to announce a new relationship with Alternative Air, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of temperature- and humidity-controlled retail display cases for chocolate.

Please send me a private note or email me and I will make the introduction! A very small sampling of styles and sizes is shown below. Cases for pastry are also available.


Clay Gordon
01/25/17 12:21:25PM @clay:

Preston -

If you click the link in the post it will take you to the Alternative Air web site for general information. What specifically would you like to know? I can also refer you directly to the head of sales who can answer any questions you might have.

:: Clay

Preston Stewart
02/16/17 03:10:17PM @preston-stewart:

On their website, there aren't any that look like the sleek modern looking ones you have shown on this post

Preston Stewart
01/24/17 04:47:20PM @preston-stewart:

I'm interested in learning about the rectangular ones above.

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