Marking the Passing of an Inspiration: Mott Green

Clay Gordon
06/02/13 04:21:52PM
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The chocolate world was stunned to learn that on Saturday, May 31st, 2013, Mott Green died in Grenada.

Apparently, he working outside in the rain on something electrical and the unexpected happened.

It is easy to underestimate what Mott did for the cocoa economy of Grenada and for chocolate-lovers worldwide.

I had the great good fortune to call Mott a friend and I was also fortunate to be able to partake of his hospitality during a visit to Grenada in early 2010. It was during that trip, which involved meeting with members of the Grenada Cocoa Association and members of the Grenadian Agriculture Ministry that I got a real understanding of the transformation Mott was able to achieve on the island, some of the hurdles he overcame to achieve, and the work still to be done.

When I think about putting your money where your mouth is, and walking the walk when it comes to ethical and sustainable sourcing of cacao, Mott is one of a few at the very top of my list.

Yes, he could be a little intense and focused, but that was a part of his charm because you knew it was real, not forced or made up. I remember his simple quarters within the Grenada Chocolate Company factory, but also the exquisite meal he cooked. Freshly-caught fish, perfectly grilled, with a salad of greens from the garden. Nothing forced or contrived, just simple and honest.

Just like Mott.

The factory itself is a gem, and the radical improvement in the chocolate being produced over the past five years is nothing short of astonishing. What the Grenada Chocolate Company has done - and will continue to do, no doubt encouraged and supported by me and hundreds and thousands of others around the world - is proof that it can be done. You can treat the land and the farmers well and have a good business that makes good honest chocolate.

As I learn more about what's going to happen down in Grenada I will let people know. In the meantime if you have a photo or anecdote or idea, this is one place to gather them and share them with his friends, his family, and the world.

clay -

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Adriennne Henson
06/02/13 08:18:05PM
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I was very sad to learn about Mott passing. I really liked his bars and would see him at the different shows. he had such passion and was proud of what he produced. i didn't know him well but he will be missed greatly.His bars were my repeat bars and could eat again and again and the people who i have shared it with also liked his bars.

I went out today to buy the Nib-A-Licious bar and will be thinking of this wonderful company and him while I eating this bar later on.

Christopher M Koshak
06/02/13 08:26:22PM
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Sorry for the loss of your friend, he sounds like an amazing guy.
06/03/13 09:34:29PM
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I went to his presentation last year at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, where he talked about the formation and ongoing state of the Granada Chocolate Company. It was impressive, and I am very sorry to hear of his passing. He made important and lasting contributions that bettered the lives of many, and he will be remembered for this.

Mark J Sciscenti
06/03/13 11:36:17PM
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I just found out about Mott's passing tonight and am very very saddened by this news. Mott is a very dear man doing the Great Work, making astounding chocolate and truly supporting real sustainability. I only me Mott the one time at the NW Chocolate festival but communicated with him many times. His work with the Tres Hombres was/is a great adventure. I send my condolences to all his friends, family and community and all the people on Grenada who worked with him. I will continue to support his work. Thanks Clay for posting updates on the further adventures on Grenada Chocolate - I hope that it continues.

Jeffray D. Gardner
06/10/13 01:14:44PM
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From what I have read he was a very special person clearly defined in the book of life, a winner. He got it.

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet him and I wish I had. I am sorry to hear of his passing and may he find the same amount of happiness he was experiencing in Grenada in another life.

Our condolences.

Jeffray D. Gardner


Jeffray D. Gardner
06/16/13 04:53:12PM
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If you have 30 minutes to spare, perhaps this clip of Mott Green will inspire you. This was broadcasted on the BBC today It's worth the listen. Cheers.

Alan Golub
06/18/13 11:47:29PM
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The last time we saw Mott he was in New York and gave us a fresh cacao bean from one of his Grenada-grown pods and encouraged us to plant it - we had no idea our favorite tropical plant could grow in New York City! H 799-Motts_tree_sm.jpg ere's a photo entitled "A Cacao Tree Grows in Brooklyn" - it's a touching daily reminder of the meaningful and inspiring life that Mott led.

Jim Greenberg
06/21/13 09:52:36PM
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My brother and I had the pleasure of knowing Mott from the day he decided to produce Tree-to-Bar chocolate.

He bought his first machinery from us and it was evident in our initial meetings that he was laser focused and hell-bent on making this project happen.

At Union Confectionery Machinery we are exposed to chocolate from every corner of the world and I have made a practice of offering my most interesting client's bars when I hold chocolate tastings and chocolate lectures. Inevitably it is Grenada Chocolate that wins the Best Bar Award when we go to vote at the end of each session.

May we all hold dear the memories of Mott and the values he lived by throughout his lifetime - sincerity, sustainability and simplicity. He was a treasure in the industry and a gift to humanity.

Jim Greenberg, Co-President
Union Confectionery Machinery Company
06/23/13 05:20:24AM
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I recently found this 30 minute piece about Mott and the Grenada chocolate factory and thought it worth sharing:

Making Chocolate in Grenada | EX-PATS™ Ep. 8 Full | Reserve Channel


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