Morello cherry ganache

01/30/14 10:28:12PM
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Ugh, so I'm having trouble getting the cherry flavor to come through in a morello cherry cheesecake truffle. I'm using quite a high percentage of reduced cherry puree but once it's in the very mild cheesecake ganache I get nothing ( okay VERY little)cherry flavor that comes through. It's driving me nuts! Any suggestions?
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Lisa Morley
01/31/14 06:43:19AM
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Following! I am having the same trouble with just a chocolate/morello cherry ganache, while you can taste that 'something' is there, the flavor just isn't intense enough to recognise it. I thought I might try reducing the puree on stovetop to intensify the flavour?
01/31/14 11:46:58AM
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That's what I'm doing now, and adding quite a lot, not enough comes through for my tastes.
Al Garnsworthy
01/31/14 05:38:47PM
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If you can post the recipe you are using that might help. Are you using just the pure or cream and pure in the ganache?
02/11/14 02:05:15PM
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Hi thank you for replying. I was using about 11oz + pure (reduced to a thick paste) per lb of white chocolate. No cream. I think I'm just kind of over it, it has so much cherry in it it's really dark but still not enough flavor. Oh well maybe a different cherry variety?
Daniel Herskovic
02/14/14 02:40:08PM
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One option is to create a Morello Cherry Pate De Fruit on top of a white chocolate ganache. This would work well for a square bon bon.

04/17/17 07:34:44AM
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Following this thread for more recipes... :D Hope you guys, post soon!!! <3


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