Immersion Blender or Robot Coupe for Ganache?

Daniel Herskovic
06/24/15 03:34:52PM
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Hi there,

I am wondering which tool you prefer for emulsifying ganache. Do you prefer working with an immersion blender or a robot coupe (food processor)? Does a robot coupe create too much air when emulsifying? I know some chocolatiers use a vaccuum feature on their robot coupe or stephan mixer. Is that really necessary? Thanks for your feedback. I look forward to hearing about your experience!


Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
06/24/15 09:28:02PM
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I love my R-C. It does not add air. Builds a beautiful emulsion. It would take a pretty powerful stick blender to do what the R-C does.

06/25/15 06:21:37AM
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The theory behind the RC, so the story goes (at least that i've often heard suggested as it's major benefit) is that since it's a more sealed environment, it helps to increase shelf life by keeping microbes out.  While it may be true that because it has a lid less ambient microbes settle in the product, it doesn't really make a difference due to the amount of microbes already present.  So i'd say no advantage there.  To Ruth's point, the RC is a very powerful high efficiency blender.  A stick blender is fine, nothing wrong with it (it's what i have), but a RC will be better from the perspective of it will create a finer emulsion than the stick blender is capable of producing, which could result in an improved texture and reduced tendancy to separate.

Daniel Herskovic
06/25/15 12:15:25PM
132 posts

Thank you Ruth and Sebastian,

I really appreciate your input. Do you think having a vacuum on a robot coupe is worth the investment? Does it improve shelf life significantly or could a long shelf life bon bon (3 month or so) be created with having a well balanced ganache alone. The vacuum on a stephan or robot coupe seems great, but they add a several thousand dollars to the cost of the machine. Thanks again!


06/25/15 05:27:02PM
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To add to Sebastian's point: we were always taught that you should use the RC when making a ganache that has a tendancy to split - the RC will make it less likely to split. Otherwise we just used a stick (immersion) blender.


06/26/15 06:09:14AM
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Daniel - i've never done the study, so no data - but i don't believe a RC would result in longer microbial shelf life as a result of not incorporating ambient air.  I know others believe otherwise.

Why do i think thusly?  Your chocolate already has a micro load on it (meaning your chocolate, while likely food safe, is not sterile - it has more micro organisms on/in it than you think) - so they're already there.  You can't load your RC in a vacuum, meaning that ambient micro organisma are going to be in your RC when you start it in addition to what went in with your ingredients.  When you pull a vacuum, it's not going to pull those organisms out, and while the ganache may be mixed under a vacuum, when you open the unit you break the vacuum, and ambient air will rush back into the lower pressure areas of the ganace to equalize pressure.

My opinion only, no data to support it 8)

Daniel Herskovic
06/26/15 10:47:17AM
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Hi Sebastian,

That makes a lot of sense. From what I can summarize, it seems as though a vacuum would not hurt at all, but the several thousand dollars to have it might not be worth it. Thanks for your insightful comment!


06/26/15 11:28:55AM
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My opinion only.  Where i do see a benefit is the units with the vacuum capability tend to have MUCH better mixing capability, which results in a more physically stable emulsion.  If you're not having textural or separation issues, i'd say the more advanced unit wouldn't hurt, but it may not necessarily help either...

Brad Churchill
07/04/15 05:36:53PM
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My mixers (both the 8 quart and 20quart) with the whip attachment work great.  They add a bit of air to the ganache, but it seems that customers really like the light and fluffy texture, so what the heck!  Mix On!

Faranak Irani
07/05/15 06:17:19PM
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I use Immersion blender but have seem Thermomix work beautifully


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