Sculpting Chocolate / Modeling Chocolate

11/07/15 08:39:20AM
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Hi guys,

Do you know anything about sculpting with chocolate? I have searched around and didn't find much info. I mean, kinda like the creations by Patrick Roger (France) and Stephane Treand ...

Do they temper chocolate and work with it, or as I'm assuming, they work with a different type of chocolate?


Gerhard Petzl
11/08/15 05:55:36AM
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I am a chocolate sculptor and carve mostly out of a solid block..lots of infos and sculptures on my website:

If you need more infos, you are very welcome to ask me! 

11/08/15 08:26:23AM
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Thank you Gerhard!

Well done on your sculptures!! :D I couldn't find info on your website, but I will check again ... :)

11/12/15 03:53:19AM
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Wow Gerhard congratulations you have some really nice work in your website

Andy Ciordia
12/09/15 02:56:44PM
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Sculpting and modeling are very different. Sculpting you make blocks and carve, modeling is more like clay where you can shape it, ply it, mold it, and then have it set. Like a salt-dough.

We use a lot of modeling chocolate throughout the year. It's just chocolate + a ratio of corn syrup. As it cools it hardens and is pliable, over a few days it gets harder and harder almost like curing the more water that is freed the more rigid it becomes. If you have mass left over you can always reheat it later and knead it back into use.



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