How to find Rental Kitchens?

Amy DeFiore
04/12/10 12:20:15PM
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I'm trying to start up a chocolate business but don't have a kitchen that I can use for commercial products yet. I am planning to start selling my product at craft shows and local flea markets versus opening a storefront right away.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to find commercial kitchens to rent?

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Andre Costa
04/12/10 02:18:03PM
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This is a very basic question, but have you Googled "commercial kitchen" or "kitchen incubator"? That's how I found the one I will start using (hopefully) this year.
Amy DeFiore
04/12/10 05:50:13PM
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I tried commercial kitchen and didn't have much luck. I'll have to try kitchen incubator. Thanks!
04/12/10 06:17:39PM
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Try Your state dept. of agriculture might also have suggestions.
Amy DeFiore
04/14/10 03:32:28PM
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The bizkitchens is a really helpful website! I'll have to try calling the caterers too. Thanks for the tips!!
Dirke Botsford
04/16/10 05:59:40PM
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ask your local food inspector, they should know them all!
Claire North
04/28/10 08:07:47AM
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What about places like the Masonic Lodge or Veterans places..they cook so they have to be licensed right?
Alexandra Saunders
05/05/10 02:58:14AM
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That is a great idea Dirke. Thanks for the tip!
Ilene Shane
08/12/10 07:39:16PM
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Where are you from I have a wonderful kitchen available
Amy DeFiore
08/13/10 08:31:40AM
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I live a little north of Boston in Ma
Ilene Shane
08/13/10 10:19:22AM
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Oh... sorry I wish you were here
Matthew W.
08/23/10 04:24:39PM
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Hello, I see you are in NY, I am also interested in possibly renting space/time. Would you be able to share more info?
Ilene Shane
08/23/10 04:29:44PM
3 posts
Hi Mathew, Depending on your needs in terms of hours and days and possible storage we would figure out a rate. So for example if you used the kitchen 35-40 hours per week and wanted some storage space the rate would approx be $3000 per month plus utilities. So if that is anyplace in the ball park give me a call to discuss and then come in to see the space. 212-725-6972 Thanks for your interest.
Andy Ciordia
08/27/10 11:44:57AM
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Additional ideas, we ran out of church kitchens for quite a while. Knights of Columbus banquet halls. We've also been able to use other bakers kitchens. If you work out at the markets you'll meet lots of people who will have local suggestions and be able to help you with caveats too.


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