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Sarah Hart
05/24/09 10:07:58PM @sarah-hart:
Hey Curtis-I just opened the latest issue of Gourmet and was greeted with an article all about Marisel Presilla! I got to show her picture to my husband and say "There is the woman who lent me her pashmina so I could wear it as a skirt and get into the 21 club". What a fun night.I hope all is well with you and yours!
Alan McClure
09/13/08 06:27:52AM @alan-mcclure:
Hi Curtis,Great meeting you at Slow Food Nation. I hope that you enjoyed the non-chocolate tasting sections as well.Very best,Alan McClurePatric Chocolate
04/05/08 05:55:28PM @chocoflyer:
Where did you visit plantations? How cool is see the origin of all choc in its rawest form. Did you taste the pulp? I was lucky enough to meet a 3 generations cacao famly running a plantation in Mexico- forver affected my view of the choc i eat every day.
Clay Gordon
03/20/08 09:28:41AM @clay:
Curtis:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I am glad you're a member and can share your insights on the chocolate market with us, as well as keep us informed about the next "Next Generation Chocolatier" competition coming up. :: Clay