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06/26/16 16:25:39 @mark4604:

Hola juanita ya tienes un tienda en manizales? me gustaria problar los chocolates tuyos.

06/26/16 16:21:24 @mark4604:


   Do you have whatsapp?

06/24/16 09:52:48 @juanita:

Hola David, yo también soy colombiana y estoy empezando un microemprendimiento para hacer chocolates desde el grano. Vivo en Manizales y me gustaría tener información sobre el proyecto en el que estan trabajando. Mi correo es juanis_gon@hotmail.com



06/04/16 15:07:29 @mark4604:

Hey David,

    I'm located within Bogota and I always like to make new contacts for high quality cacao beans, are you able to get good prices on beans from your region? 

                                          mark Anthony.


David Briceño
06/26/16 16:16:39 @david-briceno:

Hi Mark, what are you looking for in cocoa? what are your needs? i currently have some cocoa microlots with different flavor profiles.

If you are in Bogotá, please give me your number or give me a call.


05/31/16 20:34:44 @erin:

Hi David, I would be interested in hearing more about cacao in Colombia and what you are planning.

I can also help you out with Premier Chocolate Refiners and the larger Commercial Refiners from Diamond Custom Machines.  Let me know how I can help with this.

Thank you,

Erin Andrews


David Briceño
06/26/16 14:44:59 @david-briceno:

Hi Erin, i´m sorry i wouldn´t answer soon, i hope you´re doing great.

I´m a cocoa producer and a professional in agronomy, and i´m currently working to set up a cocoa and chocolate lab for a public institution but i have one of my own. I´m probably having two or three Premier chocolate refiners in the next couple months. Right now i´m focused in upgrading my roasters.

As for my work with cocoa i´m currently profiling cocoa beans from all around Huila. We have a lot of different flavors, ranging from full cocoa-chocolate to intense floral and fruity notes. Cocoa plants in Huila are mostly very old and diverse hybrids and some criollos, which makes a bit difficult to work with but it´s very rewarding.

Thank you for your contact and please keep in touch.


skype dbricenop