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Excellence Award 2010
9.4Sacking and Weighing
9.4  Export PackJPG
9.3Cleaning and Classification of Cacau Beans
9.2 Humidity Testing
9.1Sun Drying Module
9 Mixing Beans Sun Drying
8.4 Testing Fermentation
8.2 500kg Ferment Lot
8.1Measuring Bean Volume Fermentation
8 Fermentation House
7 Beans Arriving Fermentation House



Christian Tyler
09/07/14 21:24:02 @christian-tyler:

Hi Jim!

My name is Christian and I am also American and living in Brazil. I also work with chocolate and cacau and I would love to talk to you about what you are doing in Bahia.

Please email me so that we can connect.


04/12/13 14:59:51 @tom:
Thanks for uploading the photos Jim!
heather andall
05/22/10 09:11:26 @heather-andall:
Hi Jim,thank you for your comment on our cocoa knife. This is the standard tool used here in Grenada and has been since cocoa was first produced here as far as I can tell. It is very efficient, a 'push me pull you' device! We keep it sharp with a file and this one was bought last year at the local suppliers L.A. Purcell. If you like , next time we go to town, we can see if any are available and send one to you.best wishesHeather.
benjamin bulik
02/18/10 17:10:31 @benjamin-bulik:
Hi Jim. Fully fermented and dried is fine. Some suppliers often do a light roast/toast at about 175 for around five hours claiming it preserves the flavor. From experience it tends to really flatten the flavor profile. So that is not what I'm looking for. Fermented is fine.What do you have available.
Anna Franceschini
06/29/09 03:10:08 @anna-franceschini:
cs_ecworld_ engl_250609_2.pdf dear Jim,i send you a breaf program of eurochocolate world section.regardsAnna Franceschini
Anna Franceschini
06/29/09 03:03:12 @anna-franceschini:
Dear Jim,thanks very much for your interest.The festival will take place in Perugia city center from 18th to 25th of october and for 10 days will animate the streets and squares of the historcal center with a big exposition and selling area of chocolate and cocoa products.The festival offers to cocoa producers and cooperatives of fair market several opportunities:1) Exposition corner to show the public the life in a cocoa farm; the way to pruduce cocoa, and to present the country where the farmers live( for example i would like to organize a special area entirely dedicated to Brazil, to host brazilian producers delegations,to promote the brazilian cocoa and chocolate, istitutional delegation as well to promote the country.) in this area the buyers as well will keep in contact with the owners of cocoa farms, an dthe public joined with Brazilian music and entertainments.2) selling opportunity of your chocolate production ( bars, cocoa powder, cosmetics made by cocoa butter ...)3) Tasting session of your chocolate;4) Invitation to the international Summit "in the Hearth of chocolate " to assit the debate on ethics and susuteinable development on cocoa and chocolate world.The partecipation is free.For selling area we have a particular organization and if you are interested i can keep in contact with our commercial extension.Hope to have good news from you.felle free to ask me every info do you need to join th efestival.best regardAnna Franceschini
Anna Franceschini
06/25/09 10:11:19 @anna-franceschini:
Dear Jim,i'm Anna Franceschini International Relations & Fair Marketing Officers of Eurochocolate Festival, the most important Italian Festival about cocoa and chococolate, that will take place in Perugia ( 150 km far from Rome) , this year from 16Th to 25Th October 2009.An important section of the festival will be Eurochocolate World, dedicated to the main producing cocoa countries and their cocoa production, that will host the delegation of cocoa producers.I would like to inviete you to joint the festival and to partecipate to the International Summit "in the hearth of chocolate " to speech about your farm experience.I will be glad to give you all the information useful to know more about our activities.Best RegardsAnna FranceschiniEurochocolate International Relations & Fair Marketing OfficersViale Centova 6,06128 PerugiaT: 00390755025887F. 00390755025889a.franceschini@eurochocolate.comwww.eurochocolate.com
03/05/09 23:36:50 @ilana:
Thank you for those learning pictures. I enjoyed looking at them a lot!
Volker Lehmann
02/19/09 16:47:36 @volker-lehmann:
Hi Jim:There is something wrong with your yahoo account. I tried to reach you. Send me a mail to info@rainforest-products.comBest, Volker
01/15/09 01:14:06 @bhuvan:
Hi Jim,I came across your profile i will like to understand more about the cocoa you grow.Look forward to hearing from you.RegardsBhuvanemailbhuvan@gmail.com
01/10/09 10:54:48 @holycacao:
Your cacau sounds fair enough to me! I'd be interested in trying it!
Koa Kahili
12/18/08 11:07:06 @koa-kahili:
the criollo trees are only 4 years old, the other trees are 12 years old. They are all organic.