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Designing a tasting – a confusing task

Which 6 spots in the world would...
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Annick Vliegen
01/03/11 03:12:32 @annick-vliegen:

Hi Kristina,

Happy new year and that all you dreams may come true this year.


Jeffry Lukito
08/15/10 14:13:23 @jeffry-lukito:
Yes, I have only spent several minutes here and I'm already enjoying TCL...=)Ah, you meant the plantation. Yes, there are a lot of plantation here in Indonesia.The bad thing is that most of the "good" beans are being exported.No artisan and very rare quality chocolates here in Indonesia(an irony,isn't it?).To get better kinds of chocolate I have to ask my friends in Singapore to get Royce' or my friends in Oz for Amedei(currently no success getting one)The best things I've found in Indonesia are Lindt, Valrhona(few kinds), and Theys(this one is raw though).If you have any suggestion of good chocolates, please let me know.And if you can send some good ones, I would be happy to reimburse for them. =)
Jeffry Lukito
08/15/10 13:51:45 @jeffry-lukito:
Thank you.I don't know about "east highland" you mentioned, but I think you meant East Java, the eastern part of Java and it's where I live. Jember is a city in east java.I am new to The Chocolate Life,and nice to meet you.. :)
04/06/10 06:49:46 @tom:
I would too. The academic that I did the tasting with is very slow in writing things up. I am not holding my breath and I haven't seen the data either. Hopefully it won't be too long.
Christian J (
02/25/10 10:56:34 @christian-j-chokladoramase:
Thank you! You spotted an error on the page. Our contact form and help pages was not visible because of a bugg. Fixed that now :)
Art Pollard
02/13/10 16:39:33 @art-pollard:
Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. One of the things I love so much about chocolate is how it reaches people and touches them and their lives.
Vercruysse Geert
02/10/10 14:11:38 @vercruysse-geert:
Thanks for your invitation...)GreetingsGeert
Vercruysse Geert
01/31/10 11:07:59 @vercruysse-geert:
Thanks for the visit and lots of greetings from Belgium :-)
Evert-Jan De Kort (
01/05/10 13:01:55 @evert-jan-de-kort-choqoacom:
merci Kristina! thx for the encouragments :) I hope to do more stuff like that...