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Tempering Chocolate: How could we serve our chocolate shine?

hi joe, continuing from your previous...
@The'a 14 years ago - Comments: 3

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xinhong liu
01/05/10 07:58:22 @xinhong-liu:
Hi The'a,Thanks for being so nice and kind to me.I started making chocolates in September time 2009 while I was on a online chocolate-making course. But I got hooked afterwards. Now I almost try a new receipt each day after a day's intensive coding.Last night I tried a curry flavour and I got the receipt from a book. However the result was not great because it tasted too sweet with white chocolates used as main ingredients of ganache. Those white shell and pink centre ones as you mentioned are raspberry chocolates and they tasted wonderful. I made the raspberry ganache with fresh frozen raspberries from supermarket. Thanks for your nice comments.I have changed my profile photo so don't be scared when you see it. It was my latest work and they were made on 2nd Jan, few day's ago. It was my first time experience with transfer sheets. My English is not so good so please take my apology in advance.
Andy Moorhouse
01/04/10 02:31:51 @andy-moorhouse:
Hi The'a - Thanks for your kind words.. however I can't take any credit for the chocolate creations. My wife makes the chocolates and I do the marketing and web development.Have a great 2010
xinhong liu
01/01/10 05:13:35 @xinhong-liu:
Hi,Thanks to have me as a friend! Happy new year to you.
Annick Vliegen
12/31/09 11:41:30 @annick-vliegen:
Happy new 2010 and that all your dreams may come trueAnnick
Clay Gordon
12/21/09 06:21:55 @clay:
The'a -- if you have specific questions about how to do something I would recommend that you create a discussion forum for it. There are many very good bakers who are members of TheChocolateLife who will be happy to answer your question. That's one of the reasons I started TheChocolateLife, so that other people could help me out answering questions. Go to the Forums page, click on "Add" and then select the category, "Tricks, Tips, and Techniques.":: Clay
Clay Gordon
12/20/09 08:03:15 @clay:
The'a -Welcome to TheChocolateLife - I am happy that you could join us and I hope that we can learn as much about chocolate in Indonesia as you learn about chocolate.:: Clay