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Gwen Borders2
02/05/10 05:16:56PM @gwen-borders2:
Happy Valentine's Day Valerie! Here's to a more chocolatey 2010 :) - Gwen
Sweet Freak
04/05/09 03:41:23AM @sweet-freak:
Thanks - great distribution outlets!
Sweet Freak
04/03/09 05:42:54AM @sweet-freak:
Wow, what beautiful chocolates! When did you launch your line?
06/01/08 03:33:41PM @carol:
Valerie, I was commenting on how pretty they look in your slide show.I can't wait to try them.I am in New York City, is there a place I can purchase them here?
05/31/08 07:59:21PM @carol:
Valarie,your chocolates are truly beautifulCarol
Clay Gordon
04/07/08 08:38:52AM @clay:
Valerie:Welcome to The Chocolate Life! I second ChocoFlyer's request for photos and more about your work, your shop - your ChocolateLife. :: Clay
04/06/08 12:31:59AM @sera:
Welcome! :)I know of your work, but I have yet to try it! next time I'm in LA I plan on visiting! :)
04/05/08 07:27:02PM @chocoflyer:
Hi there, can you maybe share with us some photos of your choc and shop? Would love to learn more about Valerie Confections....