Gami tempering Machine

Boby John
10/19/09 22:54:07
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Hello Members,Myself Boby John a farmer of cocoa in india started making chocolate since last October after a 3 years rigorous research . More than a decade we associated with Cadbury India for supplying cocoa bean. In chocolate industry we process bean to bar around 25 to 40 kg in day.In my expansion plan i bought a chocolate conche (100 g ) batch china make, and looking for tempering machine . In my mind i have Gami tempering machine Model T240 with 35 kg per hour.Any one can help out with performance of these machines.will i get highly cristaled chocolate ( in india normal room temperatue is 30 to 38 Celsius)
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Tom Bauweraerts
10/22/09 03:38:20
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Hi there,If you are looking for a tempering machine, you should have a look at . there is a wide range of continuous tempering machines and many accessories.If I can be of any help to you, it would be a pleasure.Regards,Tom
Boby John
10/22/09 09:35:55
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Hi Tom,Thanks, Let me go through with selmi.regardsBoby John
Shelley Fields
04/26/10 11:26:22
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Are GAMI not good machines?
11/04/11 04:51:37
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hi boby, pls contact me on 9880183503 // Bangalore. I can help


antonino allegra
11/04/11 06:10:24
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Hi There,

what i can say is that i just bough a FBM/Boscolo machine called Unica from Italy.

I'm Based in Cape Town South Africa .

I don't know Gami but i can higly recommend the FBM.

It is easy to use, i have a 25kg Unica that can temper continuously up to 100kg of chocolate.

i had fitted with a pneumatic pump that is connected with a air compressor, in this way we can measure the weight of the bar (eg: 100gr) and by pressing a pedal the machine pumps out the exact amount every time. we save in this way a lot of time and consistency is the key!

I decide to buy their machine rather than others because they are reliable and easy to fix. i had a small problem and with just a screw driver and the direction from their technician i could fix it by my self!

The tempering is fast, about 15/20 min. and stays in temper forever just add 5 kg of chocolate at time.

The machine has also different settings and anyone can easily operate it.

We are already in the process to order another 2.... have a look at their

BTW, you say that you are a cocoa farmer, we are a bean to bar small factory, could we get in contact to see if we can buy your beans?


Devika Chopra
11/08/11 06:56:08
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Hi Bobby - I am based in india too and would be very happy to hear what sort of chocolate you are manufacturing - are u supplying to chocolatiers also ?. I also wanted to know who did you use as a supplier for the tempering machines in india. I am looking to buy one soon. I will be grateful for your
Elaine Hsieh
01/13/12 20:31:12
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Hi Antonino,

I'm interested in purchasing an automatic continuously tempering and enrobing machine that also molds. Now that you've had your machine for a while, how do you like it? Do you do any enrobing? Why did you choose the FBM vs the Selmi?


antonino allegra
01/14/12 08:43:26
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Hi Elaine,

i choose Fbm over Selmi for 2 main reason: 1- price 2. service and customer care.

I contacted both company on the same time and i never received a single call/email from Selmi.

on the other hand, FBM has been in touch with me since day one (I was planning to buy a small 4kg one 1 year ago and then we manage to budget for a 25kg).

Anything i needed to know was clearly explained and i received suggestion by them not for sale reasons, but to make my working life better.

We had a little setting problem when the machine arrived and they called me on my cellphone (Italy to South Africa) till the problem was solved: i'm slightly technically passionate and their engineer guided me to find the problem.. while they dismantle a new machine on their side to follow me better.

.Now 4 months later, thanks to the FBM we have increase our output from 200kg to 1 ton, and we are planning to buy a second one,because there is nothing better to know that anytime you need, there is perfectly tempered chocolate!

In chocolate, you make a lot of "little" money at time, so you better choose a company that can help you when you need customer support



Clive Brown
02/02/12 10:56:11
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Boby, I will be in India in March and would love to talk more about your chocolate growing and making experience.

If you have not found the machines you need maybe the AHAAR Food India trade show in Delhi in March might be of help. I am planning to attend, see you there?


Ankur Bhargava2
10/20/12 00:17:00
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Hello Devika.

If you are still looking to source tempering machines in India, we have a tie-up with Selmi and provide their machines here. Our partnership with them is not just sales-oriented but also covers installation, guidance on how to use and full service coverage as recommended by Selmi. You can reach us here:

With regards,

Ankur Bhargava

Devika Chopra
10/21/12 22:53:35
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Hi Ankur thanks for the response. I am very much in touch with ipfco and have bought a melter from them already :). Thanks works great. I will be investing in a tempering machine at a slightly later stage.

Ankur Bhargava2
10/22/12 00:18:11
7 posts

Hello Clive. How was your experience at the trade show? We met there briefly if you remember, you visited our stall. I would very much like to know what you thought about the show overall.


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