F/S - chocolate melters and equipment - Vancouver, CA

12/22/16 02:06:06PM
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some equipment for sale.  All of the listed equipment is D+R (design and realiasation, Montreal) brand and in good working order.

two 20 kg melters, waterbath style.  Each comes with a dedicated trolley with double locking castors, and extra hotel pans.

each $800.

one tempering wheel.  Fits in a 20 kg melter.  comes with a custom plexi glass cover to fit over the wheel and melter.


one tabletop mold vibrator.  This has been customized with a foot pedal switch for hands free operation, but can easily be reconfigured again


(no picture) panning bowl, to fit on a kitchenaid mixer  $250

You can check out www.dr.ca for more descriptions of the equipment.  The company is still in business and still producing the same equipment.

I also have aprox 100polycarbonate molds,  polycarbonate seasonal figures (22"giant santa, etc) and well over .200 thermoformed molds

all items are located in Vancouver, b.c.  Please contact me to arrange a time to view the equipment.

20161205_093920.jpg  •  1.7MB

20161205_094510.jpg  •  1.9MB

20161205_093519.jpg  •  1.7MB

20161205_094634.jpg  •  1.7MB

20161205_094634.jpg  •  1.7MB

Preston Stewart
12/23/16 12:40:11PM
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Pics and descriptions of the molds?

Balpreet Singh
12/23/16 11:10:14PM
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Can you email me the images of the molds? At sehgalbalpreet@gmail.com 

12/24/16 12:15:25AM
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I  will get some pictures  of the molds up by monday.

12/24/16 08:55:35AM
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I'm also interested in your vibe table, and am curious about which shapes your plaques are. Are they CW plaques? Located in Calgary.

Matthew W.
12/24/16 06:00:31PM
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I'm interested in the panning attachment, would you ship to US? 

12/26/16 10:29:54PM
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hi all, I had a local buyer take the vibrator, and will pick up the melters and wheel on Wednesday. Panning attatchment is still available, but will need a postal(zip code) code to calculate shipping cost.

I have a lot of mold pictures to post, and will do in a separate listing tonight.


Mr. Brian Wallace
12/27/16 01:06:50PM
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I'll take the panning attachment if you can get it to me at 94608 in California. Drop me a line at me@brianwallace.com if it is still available. 


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