Seeking Co-Manufacturing Partner

Julie M. McLean
05/08/17 03:43:34PM
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Looking for co-manufacturing partner in the immediate future. Must be Organic, Kosher, and GFSI or SQF certified and ability to handle large volumes. Please contact for additional details. 

05/17/17 01:04:05AM
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We are BRC, organic,  GF and can be kosher if the volumes are there?

Eric K. Meredith
06/01/17 03:57:40PM
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Hello Julie,

I am an U.S. Citizen that married a Ghanaian woman over FIVE (5) plus years ago, so i have been living here with her before we gotten married. We both fell in love with CHOCOLATE & We just purchased a SMALL COCOA FARM here in Ghana. we have over TEN THOUSAND (10,000) TRESS at present.

Ghana ONLY EXPORTS TWO (2) products & these TWO (2) items are HIGHLY REGULATED!! #1) GOLD #2) RAW COCOA BEANS!! In fact the ONLY people/Group that the FARMER can legally sell their COCOA BEANS to ate the GHANA COCOA BOARD (CocoBod) or its Licensed Agents at a FIXED price determined by the Government. The ONLY EXCEPTION to these LAWS are if you PROCESS the COCOA BEANS here in GHANA!!!

So we invested my LIFE'S savings into all of the equipment needed to PROCESS approx ONE HUNDRED FIFTY (150 KG) Kilograms Per Hour. Our Mid Crop Harvest was just completed by mid May, 2017. This was our FIRST (1st) Harvest. We have already Fermented & Sun Dried our Quality Ghana on Bamboo Mats for over TWO (2) weeks with a SIX (6) day fermentation. We have over FORTY (40) SIXTY FIVE (65 KG) Kilogram Bags of Quality Cocoa Beans!! In order to QUALIFY as PROCESSING under Ghana laws to EXPORT. We MUST at the very least ROAST our COCOA BEANS!!

 We are waiting for our last FIVE (5) more pieces of equipment to arrive at port before we can be up & running!!. We have just Finalized our LOGO & our Web Site is currently parked. GHANA GOURMET CHOCOLATE & our WEB SITE ADDRESS IS. WWW.GHANAGOURMETCHOCOLATE.COM Everything should be up & running & starting business for the 15th July, 2017.

We are in the process of starting the CERTIFICATION for ORGANIC COCOA FARMING & PROCESSING & JOINING Sustainability Association!! But as you know with the conversion to ORGANIC CERTIFICATION it is a THREE (3) year process.

We would be very happy to do business with you. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please contact me. This is the list of COCOA PRODUCTS that we plan on selling both local & exporting!!







All of our COCOA BEANS ARE ONLY GHANA TOP QUALITY BEANS. I have also purchased SEVERAL OPTIONS on the PURCHASE of THREE (3) more existing COCOA FARMS with another ONE HUNDRED THIRTY (130 ) ACRES of TEN (10) to FIFTEEN (15) year old COCOA TRESS. 

I hope to hear from you soon.


Eric K. Meredith


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