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Jorge Valverde
03/15/11 06:34:07 @jorge-valverde:
Hybris, but with a very nice profile. What kind of volume are you interested?
Limor Drucker
09/01/09 06:57:16 @limor-drucker:
Hi,Sorry for the delay...I bought the trees at a nursery near hadera...He only had a few and we bought them all. How is your chocolate making getting along. I would love to taste it sometimeAll the bestLimor
Tom Bauweraerts
06/03/09 07:26:06 @tom-bauweraerts:
Sorry Jo,I did not realise that you are in Israel. I will get in contact with you by e-mail, I'm sure I have a good and very very flexibel solution for you.Regards,Tom
Tom Bauweraerts
06/03/09 06:59:38 @tom-bauweraerts:
Hi,I forwarded this request to our importers in the USA. They will give you information and a quote, but if you have questions, I'm always at your disposal. The line they will quote is very nice as I have tested it myself and was able to make with 100 moulds 1200 tablets in one hour and the machine can be bought so you can work continuously. You can also start small and upgrade bit by bit.Hope to hear from you again soon. you can always visit www.selmi-group.it
Tom Bauweraerts
05/31/09 10:40:15 @tom-bauweraerts:
Hello, thanks for your question. Currently we have one very nice and flexibel line installed in our factory. With this line you need 100 moulds and you can work continuously. 300 moulds per hour... 1200 tablets of 50 gram per hour and this all with only one person. Same quantity of moulds for 100 gram bars, but you need a little more cooling.The cooling tunnel we use on this installation is 8 meters, but we use him double so this is 16 meters. On this line you can very easy change to enrobing, this is besides liability one of our best points and this is flexibility.If questions, please let me know. Tom
01/11/09 05:45:49 @jim2:
Maale,It would be my pleasure to work with you in providing cacau beans. What are you thinking in terms of quantity. Obviously, shipping and customs are the primary considerations at this stage. You will need to advise me regards the import regulations for Israel and any special packing requirements.Best regardsJim Lucas
Alan McClure
12/14/08 10:29:37 @alan-mcclure:
Hello!Good to know that you got a chance to try the chocolate. Did you order it directly from me, or did you find a retailer that carried it--just out of interest?Sounds like your own chocolate experiments are coming along nicely. I wish you the very best, and please keep in touch!Alan
10/26/08 07:46:06 @ilana:
Shalom!! Nice coming across you here!! Lucky you to taste DeVries!! I am jealous!!L'hit!Ilana Bar-Hai
Anna Castle
10/12/08 23:31:51 @anna-castle:
Aloha...your factory sounds like a good thing, blessings on that journey. We have at least 7 different varietals of Theobroma cacao on Kauai...on the North Shore there is a practically genetically pure white Criollo...we operate as a cooperative, propagating cacao, planting orchards...then we buy the pods from the farmers with an option to receive half in finished chocolate which we process here on Kauai...we are mostly bringing up 5 year old and ten month old boys!...we are so lucky to live in paradise, but I sure do miss Middle Eastern grub...a hui ho
Anna Castle
10/12/08 01:10:34 @anna-castle:
Aloha...I just joined TheChocolateLife (my hubby invited me!). As a mama of two, I was inspired by how lovely your family is. We are growing cacao and making chocolate on the Garden Island of Kauai...what are you folks up to in Israel?