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Jeff Pzena
11/22/10 01:07:00AM @jeff-pzena:
Hi Jay, I'll definitely get you some Moho bars. We have plain dark, and dark with almonds, crystallized ginger, or nibs.
Island Sweets
02/01/09 05:48:53PM @island-sweets:
Grenada, Jay
06/29/08 09:56:16PM @brady:
Jay- you responded to my original post, "Rum Raisin? I was under the impression that the other ingredient was in fact cacao pulp. My error? "I know this is a late reply, but I have the answer. I met Claudio Corallo's son today at the Fancy Food Show in NY and among other things, asked him about this. They make liquid alcohol from the pulp. They are not allowed to sell it in that form but they are allowed to use it in their bars. For your particular favorite bar, they soak the raisins for approx 3 months in the 75proof alcohol they produced from the pulp and then put them in the bar. Of the final weight of this bar, 5% is alcohol.
Sarah Gross
05/01/08 05:58:43AM @sarah-gross:
Jay,I have never been to Brighton so I do not know what your store might have. How do you keep/display your collection?
Alan McClure
04/20/08 06:05:45PM @alan-mcclure:
Hi Jay,I just sent you a message. The short response to your comment is that it was intended as a joke since I am the owner of Patric Chocolate.Best,Alan
Clay Gordon
04/16/08 10:42:45PM @clay:
Jay:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. 1000 wrappers sounds like a lot of chocolate ... which I can assure you is a good thing. There are a couple of other wrapper collectors on The Chocolate Life and it would be interesting to see the areas of overlap and the areas of difference. I have started collecting Victorian advertising cards and such that feature chocolate. They are often very beautiful.
04/16/08 09:07:17PM @brady:
I consider my self a purist when it comes to chocolate, but I've had Corallo's Rum Raisin (that's what I call it) and it's amazing. He makes some interesting chocolate, from taste to appearance (so rustic) but the Rum Raisin is by far my favorite of his products. Welcome to The Chocolate Life.