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equipment to make sample size cocoa liquor

I'm looking for equipment to make...
@H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender 15 years ago - Comments: 11
H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender

C2C Hawaii

C2C aka Cacao to Chocolate is my...
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H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender

Hawaii Cacao Task Force Report to 2010 Hawaii Legislature

Report to Expedite the Production and...
@H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender 14 years ago - Comments: 5
H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender

Making Chocolate from scratch - pods to chocolate for the hobbyist

Hawaii's chocolate industry is in its...
@H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender 15 years ago - Comments: 14
H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender

C2C no. 3 October 2010- Hawaii State-wide Cacao Trial is being planted

Aloha Hawaii Cacao group,We've...
@H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender 14 years ago - Comments: 6
H.C. 'Skip' Bittenbender

Economic studies on Hawaii Cacao

Included are interactive spreadsheet...
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susan bergler Zafra Chocolate
12/05/16 18:52:21 @susan-bergler-zafra-chocolate:

I hope that this post is current. We are a Seattle Bean to Bar set up which exclusively caters to The Gates Foundation in Seattle. We are a single origin chocolate maker with cacao from our affiliate plantation in the Dominican Republic. We provide training to disadvantaged women in the D.R. and here in the Pacific Northwest. We would love to set up a similar relationship with a grower in Hawaii and set up similar programs. Please contact Susan at Zafra Chocolate 206 250-6555. Thank you

Vanessa Chang
07/07/10 16:38:30 @vanessa-chang:
Clay recommended I get in touch with you. I've been researching cacao places of interest in Kauai. I'm headed there later this month for a bit of R&R and being me, I would like to get in some research and experiences on all things cacao there. Any direction you might have would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your time.
deedee devi
05/02/10 22:20:04 @deedee-devi:
yes from pod to bar IS incredible ... how AMazing is it that we live in the most AMazing place on the planet where we can do that!!!? alohaaaaaaaaaa!
02/17/10 13:30:20 @tiamegan:
We hear from many people that you are the go to guy for information on cacao in hawaii. We are currently in school in San Francisco, but planted seeds from my Grandma's tree in Maunawili while in Hawaii mid January, the picture attached is where they were at a couple weeks ago. The pots we used are typical plastic plant pots, but we've seen many photos now of the cacao growing in long skinny pots. We were wondering how long you think the plants would last in these pots as we will not be back to the island until May? We also would like to know how long they will last out of the ground, we are trying to replant them in Waiahole, but the land is overgrown and we are reluctant to plant them until we can watch over them a little more closely.-Megan and Tia

Koa Kahili
01/31/09 23:13:53 @koa-kahili:
I just found the oldest pure criollo on Kauai, the tree is over 30 years old. I found it growing all by it self in the jungle of an old botanical garden, it is the oldest cacao tree I have yet found on Kauai. It is a Obrama Criollo. Do you know anything about this type. Is Obrama just short for Theobroma? I believe it is a pure strain of Criollo. I have not yet had the chance to make chocolate from this tree.We are also propagating Theobroma grandiflorum (Sterculiaceae) or cupuassu. We are trying to get as many of the approximately 22 Theobroma species as we can and experimenting is cross pollination and making chocolate from these hybrids. Such as adding cupulate to chocolate.

Clay Gordon
12/12/08 06:54:06 @clay:
Skip:I like to think I leave an impression and people remember who I am. I clearly remember meeting you after your presentation and I think you were among a group of us who went to dinner not far from the hotel. I still have a copy of your presentation and refer to on occasion. I've been in contact with a local grower and we're in the early phases of putting together an interesting plan. When it's a little more fleshed out I plan to reach out and talk to you about it.
Clay Gordon
12/10/08 21:31:22 @clay:
Skip:Glad to see you here to reconnect. I was a part of Pam Williams' Hawaii Cacao group in 2005 at Kailua/Kona. There appears to have been a lot of real exciting progress on the islands since then. I am looking forward to returning to see the changes first-hand.