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Krys Pettit
02/09/11 17:02:25 @krys-pettit:

Oh gosh I am so sorry, Matt -- long day, little brain power left :(

email is:

Thank you again

Krys Pettit
02/09/11 16:50:24 @krys-pettit:
Hello, Mark and thank you for your quick reply. Neck deep in chocolate, how sad for you!
I will tell you that I am just embarking on the study of artisan chocolate making and as much as I would truly love to place an order with you immediately -- alas I am not able to. I am currently researching suppliers of product and your name came up quite a bit as the go-to guy.
I am still in quite a learning curve about product but I love Valrhona and would be interested in working with it once I get more into production. I cannot honestly tell you which flavoring I am interested in. Would you be willing to provide me a list of what you offer by Valrhona and an idea of pricing and availability. I live in lovely, humid Florida and although Salt Lake is not so close I would like to establish a relationship with a supplier I can depend on and work with. I am hoping this would work for you, too.
Thank you sincerely for taking the time to educate a newbie -- and you are ever in the Orlando area - let me know - I can steer you to the best restaurants (unfortunately you won't find much quality chocolate in our little metropolis ;( )
Take care and thank you again!

07/22/10 10:15:08 @chocofiles:
Hi Matt,I'm just now replying to your comment about my chocolate reviews at Choco Files . No, I haven't tasted Domori's Javablond. I assume that you like it. To be honest, other than their porcelana all the other Domori that I've tried has been of below average enjoyment at a high price. Because of that I'm not a very big Domori fan, but I'll try the Javablond because I respect your recommendation of it.Do you ship chocolate to other parts of the U.S.?
Gary Shieh
06/24/10 17:51:11 @gary-shieh:
Hi Matt,Thanks for posting the article on how you are cultivating a population of fine chocolate lovers. I was told that you might be carrying chocolate from artisan du chocolat. What variety are you carrying? I am in L.A. I would love to get some chocolate from you if the shipping is not too expensive. Are you carrying Hotel Chocolat's Haicenda Iara 90% and Domori's Guasare. Both seem very interesting. Thanks. Hope to chat more on Chocolate tasting...
Sacred Steve
06/22/10 23:55:31 @sacred-steve:
Hi Matt,To discuss the possibilities of carrying Sacred Chocolate, please contact Mike Zwiebach at 415-456-3311 x 118 M-F from 10am to 4pm PST. Or, you may email him directly at MikeZ@SacredChocolate.comThanks!Steve
Molly Drexelius
05/10/10 16:44:16 @molly-drexelius:
Hi Matt,Thank you for getting in touch with me about these wonderful bars. I have carried some of them previouisly and I will keep you in mind when I need these bars. Much appreciated!
Barbara Wilson
05/06/10 07:13:50 @barbara-wilson:
Email me at for a sample. Thanks,
Barbara M. Gormley
05/03/10 08:47:55 @barbara-m-gormley:
Okay, Matt, I am going to try the ones you have suggested. However, I might have some trouble finding them here in Fort Worth. Godiva is about as exotic as it gets here in Cowtown. I will do my very best to search out your selection. If anyone in this area knows where the good stuff is hiding, let me know. Matt, I shall get back to you after I reward myself with your suggestions.
Barbara Wilson
05/03/10 06:39:38 @barbara-wilson:
Hi Matt,We have some info about our company up on our site ( ), but we are working on a new site and should have it up this week. We are just finishing fine tuning it. We only sell wholesale in the U.S., but In Mindo, Ecuador we have a restaurant and we sell chocolate there retail. We don't have a shopping cart to purchase online yet but if you email me I can ship chocolate. I am mostly focusing on local businesses so far as we are just getting started. We got our license in November, 2009.
Barbara Wilson
05/02/10 21:19:39 @barbara-wilson:
Mindo Chocolate Makers is the name of my chocolate business in Dexter, Michigan. Mindo is the name of the town in Ecuador where we ferment, dry and roast the beans before shipping them (to ourselves) in Michigan.
Courtney Ralph
03/23/10 05:05:17 @courtney-ralph:
Oh I'm sorry!Apparently my inability to remember names is not affected by the name being clearly in front of me on screen. :PYour shop sounds amazing, You must get to taste so many different delicious foods!I work for the Newfoundland Chocolate Company, we have been open for 2 years this month and we are moving along rather quick these days! The website is , we will be updating the site this week sometime as well, with new photos etc. We use Callebaut in the shop, and we are a local distributer for Barry Callebaut.Congratulations on your business being such a success! I'd bet I could get lost in your store for hours... mmm 325 bars! Yum!
Courtney Ralph
03/20/10 17:33:52 @courtney-ralph:
Hey Mark!Thanks for responding! Yes I do, I only recently started actually! Just finished Pastry Arts and now working with a growing local business :) How about you?
03/20/10 14:25:13 @sooj:
Hi, Matt,Thanks so much for replying back. Chocolatier Blue is amazing. I was lucky to go to the shop soon after it opened; Chris Blue talked with my friends and me for an hour about how he makes the chocolate and the quality of his ingredients. That was my introduction to Amedei chocolates.Speaking of which, I tried to ring you about Amedei chocolates, but it sounds like Caputo's is bustling with many many customers. Is there a less hectic time when I should ring you?thanks again,Sooj
Nick Frappier
03/13/10 19:48:06 @nick-frappier:
Interesting discussion on CCN51 and such. Makes sense that terroir influences the expression of the final bean.
Anna Davies
02/04/10 18:16:02 @anna-davies:
Hi Matt,My boyfriend, Robbie (also on Chocolate Life) and I visited your store at Thanksgiving. Your chocolate selection is the best I have seen. We certainly stocked up. Colorado is greatly in need of such a store! It's a gem. And you even hold chocolate tasting classes.Well, we are in the beginnings of our process at the moment, but would definitely like to keep you updated on our production.All the Best.
Robert Stout
12/29/09 21:48:53 @robert-stout:
Hey Matt, my girlfriend and I had a great experience at Caputo's during Thanksgiving. The younger, hip-looking, longer-haired employee walked us through all of the chocolates that were new to us and we ended up buying, basically, one bar from each maker. So far, our favorites have been the Amano Guyas, the Pralus Dom. Rep., and the 100% Criollo is surprisingly palatable. Cheers.
Annick Vliegen
12/11/09 08:22:57 @annick-vliegen:
I just say you already met Cecilia from Amedei so you know what I mean
Annick Vliegen
12/11/09 08:21:13 @annick-vliegen:
What about Barry Callebaut it is as good as Valhorna, an other tough was Amedei from Italy great chocolate and great chocolate makers. It is expensive I try to sell it in Belgium but it is worth to try it.The next that came in my mind was Hotel du Chocolate a british company but with great chocolate, the start from bean to bar. You should check it out.Hope it gave you some idea's.Have a nice weekend and until next timeGreetings,Annick
12/09/09 19:13:52 @fallon:
Yeah- I love Caputo's! I've been to a few of your chocolate classes- in fact, you are largely to blame for my slightly ridiculous chocolate habit.