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Keshya B.
01/06/09 02:44:30PM @keshya-b:
HI Pam,I am student in your ecole. I am totally excited about this semester. Nice seeing you here!
Madame Cocoa
11/12/08 11:52:49PM @madame-cocoa:
Hi Pam! I am also a graduate of ecole, and we met in San Diego earlier this year at the FCIA meeting. Looking forward to the bean to bar class. Nice seeing you here!
04/05/08 05:40:11PM @chocoflyer:
Mmmm gianduja is the most perfect partner w/ good choc- do you know the origin of that word or literal translation? Its quite hard to pronounce...
Mindy Fong
04/05/08 04:25:35AM @mindy-fong:
Hi Pam.Took your online class last year, and briefly met you at the Fancy Food Show. When you get a chance, view my website, I'd love to hear any comments! See you at the next Fancy Food Show, unless youre in town for the SFchocolate Salon.....www.jadechocolates.comMindy
Mandy Floyd
04/02/08 12:37:09PM @mandy-floyd:
Hello Pam!I was one of your students just last year. I can't thank you enough for all of your help!We opened our shop December 3rd of last year in Franklin, TN. I have been waiting to contact you until our website is fully operational but seeing you here I had to say hello. We do have a preliminary site that will continue growing over the next several months:www.hillsborochocolate.citymax.comWe are excited about joining the Fine Chocolate Industry Association as well. Hopefully we will be able to get that together in the next few weeks.Thank you again!
Pam Williams
03/21/08 04:31:42PM @pam-williams:
It was more years ago than I can remember so the brand is lost in a very full harddrive in my head :o)Paul DeBondt makes his own gianduja which is rustic but to die for.
Clay Gordon
03/21/08 01:23:44PM @clay:
Pam:Welcome to The Chocolate Life.I really do have to agree with you ... absolutely fresh small-batch gianduja from the likes of Guido Gubino and others is one of the most seductive treats I know. Do you remember the brand?