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Founder/CEO of ALMA chocolate in Portland, Oregon

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Juliana Bounds
04/28/10 17:53:53 @juliana-bounds:
Hi, Sarah. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and make contact with another chocolatier in Oregon. I have tried, no just here (I'm in Southern Oregon), but even online, and I got nowhere. Your work is beautiful and so unique -- and I love your shop's name!!!! You have become one of my inspirations and I can't wait until my next trip to Portland to stop by and taste your chocolate! Any way, if you're okay with someone asking you questions, could you drop me a line and let me know it's okay? I am starting as a chocolatier and would love to get some insight from people like you...(no luck so far. One person was actually VERY rude and snobbish about networking...oh, well.) Thanks!
mhdi driss
03/07/10 07:07:28 @mhdi-driss:
hi sarah i m a coffee roaster in morocco i aim to roast cacao and make chocolate but not idea please could you help me thanks
mhdi driss
03/07/10 07:01:39 @mhdi-driss:
Gwen Borders2
02/06/10 14:18:28 @gwen-borders2:
Thanks for the Alma Chocolate info. When I get requests from my customers to ship chocolate to different states, I often refer them to the local artisan chocolatiers, so that the person receiving the gift can buy the chocolate again locally. Very altruistic I know, but that's how I was raised :)
Gwen Borders2
02/06/10 13:20:30 @gwen-borders2:
Hi Sarah!What is the name and contact info for your store? I would love to learn more about you and your work. I promise not to copy, because that is not my style :)
David Beer
01/20/10 09:18:35 @david-beer:
Hi there, Sarah!
Mark J Sciscenti
08/05/09 10:06:18 @mark-j-sciscenti:
Hello Sister Sarah, Glad you had a good time down here. Sorry to have missed you as well. I ended up working really long hours that week (and the next). The only work I've had for a couple of months... The situation is better (yea!) although not finished. Hopefully next month I will be getting a new website. Still have yet to find a suitable place where I may make chocolate...Be well! -Mark
Curtis Vreeland
06/12/09 11:40:49 @curtis-vreeland:
Hi Sarah: Maricel is full of knowledge. Her book, The New Taste of Chocolate, is well written and illustrated. Hope all is well with you, Curtis
sabrina hicks
05/01/08 01:28:57 @sabrina-hicks:
uhh..if i'm late for work tomorrow, it's because of this website. tcho? yumm..want to try.
Holly & Paul Stabin
04/22/08 14:17:26 @holly-paul-stabin:
Sarah, I'd have to check with the Cotton Tree Lodge as the trip is wait-listed. The first step would be to register on our site - it's free. After you do that, I'll check on availability and get back with you. All the best, Holly
Sarah Hart
04/18/08 09:49:44 @sarah-hart:
Hey, thanks Clay. THis is exciting and I am so glad you have created this forum.-Sarah
Clay Gordon
04/17/08 19:31:30 @clay:
Hey Sarah:Welcome to The Chocolate Life. I love your attitude! Why pick just one, indeed? I look forward to your contributions here. :: Clay