SOLD F/S -- Savage Bros Full-Auto Tempering Tank -- Near Boston
08/09/16 01:26:33PM
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Both tanks are in excellent mechanical/electrical condition and temper perfectly. Meticulously cleaned and maintained will in use. Units are no longer needed and currently in storage, palletized for shipment. Located an hour north of Boston, MA.

Tank on the Left:

  • 125lb/55kg Capacity with PLC Touch Screen Controls
  • Like new condition.
  • $7450 or BO plus freight.

[SOLD] Tank on the Right: [SOLD]

  • 125lb/55kg Capacity with Fully Automated Analog Controls
  • Excellent condition.
  • Asking $5900 or BO plus freight.

Upgraded equipment and they are no longer needed

Can assist with freight arrangements. 

Location: Hour from Boston

2tanks.jpg  •  610KB

Touchscreen_tank.jpg  •  842KB

AnalogControlTank.jpg  •  789KB

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08/21/16 01:03:54AM
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Are these still available?
08/21/16 02:17:46PM
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Are these still available?

Yes, they are. 

09/14/16 06:56:06PM
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Can you tell me how old the melters are and did you buy them new? Thanks rich

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09/14/16 08:17:27PM
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Can you tell me how old the melters are and did you buy them new? Thanks rich

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Both tanks were purchased new, I'm the only owner. The analog tank is 11 years old. The digital LCD screen tank is 6 years old. 

Preston Stewart
09/14/16 09:16:42PM
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Do you have a depositing pump available as well?
09/14/16 09:34:31PM
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Yes I have a one depositing pump. It has never been used. 

LUV Ice Cream
09/18/16 03:01:39PM
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We are interested in the depositing pump.

Can you please let me know whether this is the mini-pump (3.5 oz stroke) or the Savage 1324 with the 8.5 oz stroke?  What kind of depositing heads does it have with it?  Do you have port adapter (Savage #1300-09-151  TANK-PUMP 1"FPT-1.5 ILINE FEMALE  ADAPTER) to mount it onto the tank?

Also, do your tanks (especially the analogue controlled one) have a port for mounting the pump controller? Savage pump controllers mount on the port that is on the side opposite the melter controller box, towards the top.   Your photos show only the controller side; could you please email me the other view(s) to along with the pricing info and all other answers?


Terroir Chocolate
10/06/16 08:14:56AM
2 posts

Hello, are either of these 2 still available?




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