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someone just messaged all users about...
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Melanie Boudar

Restringing guitar

I have a Martellano guitar and after...
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Melanie Boudar

Hawaii Chocolate Festival Feb 26th

In honor of Official Cacao Month...
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Melanie Boudar

Chocolate Video on Hawaiian Airlines

Check out the chocolate video on all...
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Melanie Boudar

Manawai Estate Chocolate Maui

Our cacao and tropical fruit farm is...
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Melanie Boudar

February Official Hawaii Cacao Month

I just got word from our house...
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Melanie Boudar

Hawaii Chocolate & Cacao Association

Inviting you all to explore and/or...
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04/11/12 16:21:23 @erin:

Hi Melanie, sorry for the delay on contacting you. I've spent the last few days out of commission with the flu. Seem to be doing much better now.

Thursday is the only bad day for me to meet up. I fly out on Monday around noon. When will be best for you to meet up? I'm staying in Kehei, so getting to you shouldn't be much of a problem.

Thank you,


03/19/12 21:58:33 @erin:

Hi Melanie, I'll be in Maui the week of April 9th and was wondering if I may be able to meet you when I'm there.



Matt Caputo
03/21/10 13:34:48 @matt-caputo:
Melanie,Thanks for friending. We would love to service your account. Can you tell me the url of your business and a little bit about what you do, for how long, etc.? I look forward to hearing from you and talking shop.Feel free to email me: matt at caputosdeli dot com.
Rick Jordan
10/20/09 00:40:38 @rick-jordan:
Hey Melanie! its rick from callebaut in chicago...we were enrobing together.also, we had a nice bout with lana about custom boxes ;)i ended going up w/ sweet packaging...the girl lives in chicago and i was able to meet her the next time i went up. i got i FINALLY sorted out...what a freak'n time all of that was.i ended up buying a die cutter from and had 4 custom dies made so that i could cut chipboard out for my inserts. its awesome.hope all is going well? whats the latest from the island?!take care,rick
10/14/09 20:52:09 @rich:
Hi Melanie,Thanks for the offer to give me a source for Valrhona. Try as I might I can't find a way to email you. Usually there is an email link attached to the member profile. Sorry, I can't find it.Be that as it may, I used to buy the Valrhona from Heinz Weiler at Y. Hata. They stopped handling it a couple months ago. I know Rimfire on Maui has it, but I haven't opened an account with them yet.If you have a source here on Oahu, I'd really appreciate you passing that info on.Aloha,Rich
Mark J Sciscenti
09/20/09 09:24:54 @mark-j-sciscenti:
Hi Melanie, thanks for your message! Both my partner and I would love to come to Hawaii to visit you and bring you green chili. Where in NM did you live? Do you know Nat? He is an ethnobotonist with the UofH and grows his own cacao and makes chocolate as well. Do you need a pastry chef or would you be willing to host chocolate history lectures? Contact me sometime. :-) Mark
05/14/09 12:20:31 @chocofiles:
Hi Melanie,I can't remember if I told you that my real name is "Lowe". I was in your Kailua Sweet Paradise store in Nov 08 and Dec 08 when I was visiting from NC. It was great to taste Hawaiian chocolate! I wish I could get back there again soon, but don't know when that might be.
Heidi Caren
04/06/09 09:31:59 @heidi-caren:
which academy did you go to? i do have to admit that I have not made good friends with the enrober yet...just don't have that knack down. Congrats on the new store!!!
Derek Lanter
02/12/09 12:36:23 @derek-lanter:
Yumm! Your gonna have fun at the Valentines' party.I will stop by Sweet Paradise on Friday with some fresh coffee. Let me know if you need some of the 500 gram bars. And thank you for the invite!
Marisa Miyashiro
02/05/09 01:25:47 @marisa-miyashiro:
Hi Melanie,I'll see if I can get Sharkey on here, too...and Allan Goodson. We'll have to start our own Hawaii Cacao group soon.See you next week, hopefully!Marisa
Hallot Parson
02/03/09 10:27:01 @hallot-parson:
Hi Melanie, thanks for the assistance. I contacted Hawaiian Vintage Choc. and Hawaiian Chocolate Factory. I also sent an email to a company that seemed to work with farmers to help promote growing cacao, but I dont have that contact info with me. I actually called them as well and left voice mail, but no luck.Again, even a small amount is all that we need for this Dept of Ag project. I really appreciate any help you can give.Thanks again.Hallot ParsonEscazu Artisan Chocolates
Koa Kahili
02/03/09 03:35:28 @koa-kahili:
aloha, I just looked at your web site and you make some very beautiful chocolates. I would be happy to supply you with some Kauai chocolate bars. I am also planning to visit the big island in the next few months to connect with some cacao farmers. keep in touch.