Source of single origin beans

David Knoef
05/02/10 03:15:35AM
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I am a chocolate maker in New Zealand and want to find small coops with good qualty single origin beans I can import. At the moment I am most interested in central and south America.Are there any good ones that anybody can put me in touch with?
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Christopher Taylor
05/14/10 06:28:56PM
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Talk to Philip Buckley atphilipbuckley.hotelchocolat@candw.lcHe has a small plantation in St. Lucia, WI & many contactsChris taylor
05/14/10 07:58:14PM
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David,I am a producer of excellent quality beans...I assume they are single origin as they are all producedand processed in our farm. No co-op, no intermediary.Jim LucasFazenda VenturosaFloresta Azul Bahia
Robert Frederick  Rankin
05/15/10 06:38:30PM
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Hi David. I'm a NZ currently taking a break in Auckland but returning to Samoa in about three weeks to set up a small scale business making chocolate from the local Trinatario beans. Cocoa growing used to be a major part of Samoan agriculture with Samoan beans commanding a premium price but the industry has fallen on hard times because of fluctuating world prices, bad government policies and inefficient processing. Let me know if you'd like to try some Samoan beans and when I get back there I may be able to help you. I'd be interested in hearing about your chocolate making experiences in NZ. - Bob Rankin
Bent ahm
05/15/10 10:49:37PM
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David - if you can import good quantities, we can help. We are Coffee growers/exporters in the Dominican Republic with good contacts to D.R. sources, Peru, Ecuador, other Central America. We are brokers but you probably need that anyway. I should mention that although we are primarily in Coffee and Coffee/Cocoa machinery, we will deal in Cocoa if the quantities are big enough and we have the contacts.Bent
Brad Churchill
05/16/10 01:49:23AM
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David;A grower, by the name of Jim Lucas posted a reply to your query. I've been using his cacau since my shop first opened, and it's by and far the most popular of the varieties I use.He has to date shipped me some of the best quality beans I've seen yet.Feel free to contact me at 403-472-8701 (my direct number) if you have any questions.Brad
Jorge Valverde
03/12/11 05:23:12PM
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Yes me! Interested in bolivian cacao?
Benoit N
03/13/11 10:28:36AM
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