Benoît Nihant Chocolatier goes "Bean to Bar"

Benoit N
07/29/11 04:36:12PM
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It is the certainly one of the most exciting steps in my chocolate life: I am now producing my own chocolate from fantastic beans! Only Giants like Callebaut and Marcolini ( aka Nestle) do it in Belgium. I am then proud to say that we are the only belgian craftsman to work from the bean!

..more to come in the following weeks, including a new experimental website!

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antonino allegra
07/29/11 04:46:35PM
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well done and congratulation!!! i also just did the "big step" and you will see how exciting it is!

a new world of possibilities has open to me and you will spend so much time in research, blending, roasting in different levels.

Being "the master of your own disasters" is actually really cool....

keep posted, we might share experience and knowledge..


07/29/11 05:53:53PM
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Very exciting. Look forward to stopping in and tasting your creations!
Carlos Eichenberger
07/29/11 08:58:17PM
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Best of luck in your new venture. It is indeed an exciting and very different world than being a fondeur.

I'll be in Belgium in September and would love to drop by.

Vera Hofman
07/30/11 08:09:30AM
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Congratulations!I would love to taste your chocolate! You can put me on the order list :-) And of course visit "the factory" sometime! Did you know Kees Raat, a famous Dutch chocolatier, also bought equipment? Chocolove, Vera
Duffy Sheardown
08/01/11 05:15:06AM
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Good luck!
Jessica Conrad
08/03/11 03:45:16PM
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Can't wait to try it!
Debra Fleck
08/04/11 12:02:36AM
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Congratulations. I am planning soon to do my own bean to bar.
08/05/11 04:15:07AM
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Congratulations!! Would you be interested in Single Origin cacao bean from Tolima near Ecuador region. Please email me for more details and specification. "bhuvan.thaker(@)"


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