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Vercruysse Geert
@vercruysse-geert • 8 years ago

This year 2016 was a good year for our small business in Belgium. We now are following some new (for us) small and unique chocolate makers. Such as: Ananda (Ecuador), The Wellington chocolate Factory, Acali, Potamac, Letterpress, PumpStreet Bakery, Dick Taylor and La Naya. We are proud to be the smallest chocolate shop in Belgium following some of the best chocolate makers in the world.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016/2017

Vercruysse Geert

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Barbie Van Horn
09/20/12 22:27:15 @barbie-van-horn:

Thank you for the friend request Geert!

I admire many of the same chocolates that you show in your photos. As I have said before, someday I will visit your shop and taste your chocolates too!.


Domantas Uzpalis
07/13/12 06:37:23 @domantas-uzpalis:


let's try and deliver the bars on July then :) we will do our best - speed up things!

Your shop is full of amazing chocolates - you could leave all the collection to your children and your grandchildren!

Hope to speak to you real soon - great to hear from you, again.

Best wishes,


Domantas Uzpalis
07/12/12 04:38:38 @domantas-uzpalis:


so great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words - it is very important for us.

For a while already I was thinking to send you some chocolates from our new collection to try - it would be great if you could give us feedback!

One more time, best wishes and I hope you are doing great with your own business!


Jessie Gurbani
11/10/11 04:25:44 @jessie-gurbani:

Thank You so Much :-)

Yes I too strongly believe in sharing,loving and learning from one another..

best regards


Juan Pablo Buchert
10/13/11 08:27:43 @juan-pablo-buchert:
My wife loves the Grand Cru Bolivia, as well. We have just received the 2011 collection of Grand Cru Truffles made by Sprngli. I did not taste the Centenarios, so far. I have friends in Venezuela that provide me with Carenero Superior made by Chocolate Rey, which I like.
I will send you the samples to your address inKortrijk.

Solis Lujan
08/14/11 22:19:47 @solis-lujan:
Love the photos, love your work, thanks.......
Jessica Conrad
06/09/11 05:10:54 @jessica-conrad:

Hey Geert, I finally have the chance to check out your shop for the first time on the 25th of this month. After drooling over the photos, I'm excited to finally taste your work!

Wendy Buckner
05/25/11 20:15:36 @wendy-buckner:
Vera Hofman
03/15/11 15:15:26 @vera-hofman:
Hi Geert, Idilio is great!! Especially No 1, 2, 3, 4. Van der Donk in Amsterdam sells them. When will you come visit A'dam? Coming Friday will Mott Green be there. And I love Danta!!! Wow! This is very special chocolate! You have to sell them in your beautiful shop! Carlos is working onexportand new wrapping.I hope I can arrange a distributor :-) Yes I know Chocolate & Love, Richard and Birgitte! I ordered a few months ago Friis Holm and Bojesen. I also tasted their own chocolate with orange oil. Very good! I hope to meet them when I will be in London next time. Chocolove, Vera
Duffy Sheardown
01/05/11 12:53:34 @duffy-sheardown:

Hi Geert,

Whereabouts in Belgium is your shop? Sounds excellent! I hope to visit one day and in the meantime I hope you enjoy my bars: any feedback much appreciated.


Bertil Åkesson
08/03/10 17:29:40 @bertil-kesson:
Hi Geert! Just got your message. I am in Brazil until August 25 and then in the USA. But sure we should meet up in the Fall. Are you coming to some Fairs like Salon du Chocolat?Enjoy Switzerland,Best,Bertil
Elizabeth Lapham
07/30/10 08:22:09 @elizabeth-lapham:
Hi there, Sorry for the very late reply work has been crazy! Valrhohna is my chocolate of choice to use, when I cant get that I usually go for Felchin Find your work pretty amazing =)
Wendy Buckner
05/20/10 16:40:10 @wendy-buckner:
Hello Vercruysse! All of your photos look SO wonderful! You are on my list of shops to visit when in Belgium! Looks like you have been very busy. Hope you are doing well, ~Wendy
Wendy Buckner
04/28/10 09:30:23 @wendy-buckner:
Hello again Vercruysse! I finally gat to take a peek at your website. Everything looks amazing! I would love to try your macarons! Wow! Quite impressive!
Wendy Buckner
04/27/10 09:29:22 @wendy-buckner:
I would love to meet one day! I dream of coming to Belgium and France! I went to school at the French Pastry School in Chicago ( ) and learned from Chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastian Cannone...I have also taken a class from Chef Jean-Pierre Wybauw. Do you know of these men? I loved them and I want to learn SO much more! My dream is to come to Belgium or France and actually work in a chocolate shop for a little while, for the experience and to learn from another master of this art. Your photos really caught my attention and I am so happy to speak to you! I would love to hear more about what you do. I just started a shop in Chattanooga Tennessee...ever hear of the Chattanooga ChooChoo? We are not too far from that. So happy to have another chocolate loving friend! Have a wonderful day!
Laura Marion
04/22/10 22:08:14 @laura-marion:
hi thanks for the comment yes i love working with chocolate i mostly work with Callebaut i find it at a good price and it is what i first used when i was still new to the world of chocolate but i truly love valrhona :)
Silvia Arias
03/15/10 11:16:19 @silvia-arias:
Thanks Geert, Indeed we grow cacao here, due to our wether of course.I just came back from Paris I was at Europain- Intersuc, and while I was in the stand of Agrigourmet (agrimontana) I was introduced by Markus Dreifuss to Christian Vautier the chocolatier, he does wonderful work.Have you ever worked with Domori Chocolates?Which are the ones you like the best?
01/31/10 01:41:38 @ilana:
welcome! And thanks for the slideshow!
01/30/10 10:56:39 @kristina:
Thanks for refreshing sweet memories from Belgium.